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Original Art

Ink drawings, art prints, and serigraphs of my bookish art.

Original Character Art: Pergudrys
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Original ink drawing and limited edition Giclée prints of the character art for my upcoming dark fantasy series The Girl Who Ran With Monsters.

This illustration will be part of the books.

Meet Pergudrys!

"Perkūnas" - thunder, symbolizing power and wisdom; "Gudrys" - cunning

Pergudrys is a creature who can change between his owl form and his dragonfly form. All living beings in this world have two shapes they can choose at will.

Original ink drawing:

Size: 37x48cm (14.5x18.8 inches)

Water-resistant, light-fast, black ink and white ink on heavy, acid-free art paper (240gsm)

Giclée print on Aquarella Art paper, limited edition of 100

Size: 33 x 48.3cm (13 x 19 inches)

Heavy, mold-made, acid-free fine art paper, archival print, 240gsm

Giclée print on Artist Matte Canvas paper, limited edition of 100

Size: 33 x 48.3cm (13 x 19 inches)

Heavy, stretchable, acid-free cotton canvas ideal for framing, archival print, 380gsm

Originals and prints are sold without frames, and will be packed carefully in sturdy cardboard tubes to minimize shipping costs and risk of damage during transit. All limited edition prints will be signed and numbered.

A Good Woman's Place is in the Laboratory
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Yup, I made these by hand. Only 29 prints are available.

Hand-pulled serigraphs of a drawing I made of Anna/Liz (Kronberg / Arlington & McCurley mystery series).

Perfect size to tuck into a book as a bookplate or bookmark, or frame it and hang it on your lab door.

Printed on heavy fine-art paper and heavy kraft paper. Signed on the back.

Size: 12x12cm (printed image) plus approximately 1cm frame

Paper weight: 300gsm

Signed Paperbacks

The Lion's Courtship - Signed Paperback
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Signed paperback of the illustrated prequel to the award-winning Anna Kronberg series.

Anna Kronberg lives in Victorian London’s worst rookery, offering medical treatment to prostitutes, vagrants, and criminals. To her, plugging holes and mopping up blood is normal. Stitching the slashed face of a young prostitute is not. Witnesses refuse to talk. The police can’t be bothered with yet another injured whore. But whispers are spreading about a man who pays well for a few harmless knife marks. No one dares reveal the man’s identity. Only Garret O’Hare - a thief Anna barely knows - reluctantly agrees to help her investigate the assault. But when the injured girl disappears, a veil of silence descends upon the slum. And Anna learns that she is no longer the hunter, but the hunted.

Warning: medical procedures, poverty, and prostitution are depicted without apology.