The short version:

Hi, I'm Annelie and I write books. When I’m not writing, I'm talking about writing and neurodivergence, or I'm herding goats, making cheese, and saving owls and kangaroos from peril. 


The professional version: 

As a neurodivergent person with autism, ADHD, epilepsy, and synesthesia, I know firsthand how tough it can be to find your voice in a world that often silences those who are different. My own journey showed me the harm our neurotypical education system and productivity norms can cause. That's why I began helping other neurodivergent writers unlock their potential and share their stories with the world.

As a fiction writer, I've sold nearly a million copies of my books worldwide. My work has been translated by several publishing houses. The German edition of my debut novel, "The Devil's Grin" won an award.

With over twenty-five years of experience in research, writing, and editing across various fields, I've published in prestigious journals like Nature and PNAS, was ranked number 6 of the top German scientists in marine and freshwater biology, and won numerous awards, including Caltech's OK Earl Price Fellowship and Helmholtz's professorship “Promoting Excellent Women in Science.” I've led more than twenty international writing workshops for scientists and mentored young poets and writers for the Afghan Women Writing Project.

My clients include DCM Films, Penguin/Gotham, the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, German Electron Synchroton - DESY, Max Planck Institute for Extra-Terrestrial Physics, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, University Hamburg, and more.

If you're interested in 1:1 coaching, feel free to drop me an email so we can discuss how I can best support you. If you're interested in workshops and our learning community, click here.