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All seven books in the award-winning Kronberg and Arlington series, for a limited time at a 35% discount!

Prequel: In the heart of London’s worst rookery, Anna Kronberg, a doctor in male disguise, offers medical care to the downtrodden. But when a young prostitute with a slashed face comes seeking help, Anna is thrust into a sinister mystery. Despite reluctant assistance from thief Garret O’Hare, the trail grows colder, and Anna finds herself pursued by an unseen enemy.

Anna Kronberg Mysteries, Book 1: The body of a man washed up at the city's waterworks draws Dr Kronberg into a macabre investigation. Initially dismissed as a cholera victim, subtle signs of foul play prompt Kronberg to uncover a chilling narrative of abduction and abuse. But with her own secrets at stake, solving the case proves more dangerous than anticipated.

Anna Kronberg Mysteries, Book 2: Anna Kronberg faces a terrifying ultimatum when James Moriarty demands she develop biological weapons or face death, along with her father. She must navigate a perilous path of deceit while crafting the deadly plagues that could endanger countless lives.

Anna Kronberg Mysteries, Book 3: Time is running against Anna as she, alongside Sherlock Holmes, unravels a conspiracy of bioterrorism. Pursued by a relentless assassin, the two must decipher the motives behind Anna's husband's grievous plan while attempting to secure their safety in a world where loyalty is a luxury they can't afford.

Arlington & McCurley Mysteries, Book 1: Assuming the alias Dr Elizabeth Arlington, Anna attempts to bury her past. But the murder of a woman in a supposed train accident drags her back into the dark underbelly of forensic investigation. When another victim emerges and incriminating evidence is found at the scene, Elizabeth races against time to clear her name and stop the killer.

Arlington & McCurley Mysteries, Book 2: When a boy and a decomposed body are discovered together, Inspector McCurley seeks Elizabeth Arlington’s expertise to break through the boy’s silence. As they delve deeper into the boy’s haunted past, a chilling tapestry of corruption and murder begins to unfold.

Arlington & McCurley Mysteries, Book 3: Inspector Quinn McCurley lives a double life, upholding the law while concealing a bloody history. Elizabeth, uncovering Quinn's deadly secrets, must decide whether to trust him to protect her children and herself, or flee to the safety of anonymity across the Atlantic.

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