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Gavriel Sévère lost his office as coroner for a murder he didn’t commit, and the use of his legs for one he did. His wife and accomplice, Olivia, vanished without a word leaving him to face the consequences alone. When she finally returns, she’s a shadow of her former self.

She barely even speaks.

As Sévère desperately tries to help Olivia, his health and finances begin to crumble, and London's underbelly churns with a new terror: wealthy men are found dead in shadowy alleys.

Each corpse is marked with a peregrine falcon.

And with every murder, an unsettling change comes over Olivia, leaving Sévère to wonder if his wife is involved with the killer.


Peregrine is a gripping tale of vigilante justice, where a mere whisper separates the hunter and the hunted, and redemption comes at a steep price. Release date: Nov. 30, 2024. The eBook will be emailed to you at the date of release.

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